My Name Is Justin And I Utilize An Integrative, Whole-Person Approach To Personal Training

If you’ve landed on my website then you’re probably interested in improving your health in some aspect whether it be physical or mental

Light Side Wellness was created as my outlet to inspire and educate people on how to improve their health in all facets

I’ve helped hundreds of people lose body fat, build lean muscle, improve mobility and flexibility, manage chronic stress, enhance sleep quality, and maintain lifelong healthy eating habits that have changed their lives

All of this can be accomplished by making small incremental changes to your lifestyle and having someone keep you accountable to those changes

The good news is that with the proper systems and training in place, you can achieve any health goal you set for yourself

Maybe you want to lose 50 pounds, put on some muscle mass, manage your anxiety, or improve mobility and strength so you can go on beautiful sunset hikes with your spouse when you’re 80

Whatever it is, I am dedicated to showing you the way to achieving real health and longevity

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