Justin In Nature

As a full-time accountant, my weekdays would consist of 2 hour round trip commutes to the office & sitting at a desk while staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours per day.

3 years into my corporate career I decided it was time to make a change. I felt I was losing control of my health.

So, it was time to make major changes to my lifestyle. I altered my eating and exercise habits, began meditating daily, adopted minimalism, & (along the way) became a certified personal trainer/health coach.

As a result, I lost 40 lbs., regained lost mobility and strength from chronic sitting, and gained control over my anxiety & emotional reactivity.

These positive changes are possible for anyone and it is my duty to train and educate as many people as I can.

National Academy of Sports Medicine; Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
National Academy of Sports Medicine; Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
American Council on Exercise; Certified Health Coach