Memento Mori – An exercise or symbol that reminds us that we (and everyone around us) will inevitably die.

Finding the motivation to write blog posts or film YouTube videos NOW instead of next week can be hard but whenever the thought of tomorrow never coming runs in my mind it lights a fire under my ass.

The same can be applied to anything you are holding off in your life.

“I’ll start eating healthier on Monday”

“I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”

“I’ll meditate later”

“I’m too busy right now so let’s reschedule our lunch to next week”

Practicing the Stoic exercise of Memento Mori is an effective way to stop procrastinating on whatever you want to achieve in your life. It’s also useful for remaining present and making time for things you love and people you care about.

Meditate on your mortality or find something symbolic that will remind you of this inevitable truth. You will be happy that you did.